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Deep in space at the far side of the galaxy, a war had been taking place on a handful of planets. This war was known as the First Kromasome Wars. A group of alien lizards called the Kromasomes had been gathering weapons, conducting hundreds of experiments to breed and create monsters with the purpose of taking over the galaxy. A man who is not one of them leads their group; his name is Omni, also known as Omnience. Omni is of a race known as the Omni, the last of his kind, and is one of the most powerful men in the universe. He took control of the Kromasomes and they now do his bidding to start their galactic conquest.

A call was made to gather heroes, of every planet, every race, to help fight against this uprising and to prevent the galaxy from falling to these creatures. Many different races came, but most all of them were wiped out except for one race: The Spikons.

The last race to fall was the Knights. One man named Kelvar was a survivor of many battles and was superior in skill than his other soldiers. When he was summoned to return home he knew it would be futile, and if they weren’t stopped here and now there would be no point to returning home. He was abandoned and left to fight the Kromasomes alone. Eventually Kelvar was captured and brought to the Spikons to fight together rather than alone.

Slowly the Spikons had been gaining victories, and it looked as though they were winning the war, but one day Omni had an idea. An idea that would change their way of life, and the future that they thought looked so bright.

Omni, the leader of the Kromasomes just fought and killed the Spikon leader, Doragon, with little effort. SpikerMan, Doragon’s grandson, has lashed out at Omni in a blind rage.

SpikerMan’s anger had exploded at the sight of his grandfather being destroyed. He charged Omni at full speed and prepared to strike him with all his might. Omni only stood and waited all while smiling at his new challenger.

Everyone watched as SpikerMan finally reached the giant Omni, and to their surprise he did not attack him from the front, he disappeared and reappeared behind him and formed a spiked arm with his right hand and he tried to stab Omni in the back of his neck, but to his surprise the spiked arm shattered, and he backed away to try to reform his arm. He would attack Omni again and again, trying in vain to stab at a vital spot, but his spiked arms would shatter each time. He would strike from the font, the back, the sides, and other angles at random, but Omni remained still, he was unmoved and unscathed by every attack. SpikerMan then resorted to his fists and appeared in front of Omni and repeatedly threw punches at his abdomen. He launched blow after blow after blow and Omni took everything and after a few minutes SpikerMan finally stopped, he was out of breath and he locked eyes with Omni. His eyes were narrow and were no longer amused by his assault. SpikerMan then came with an idea as he formed a spiked arm in his right hand and pointed it straight at Omni’s left eye. The tip of the spike drew very close to his eye and for the first time Omni moved. He grasped his spiked arm with his left hand to prevent his eye from being stabbed. Omni countered by closing his right fist and he delivered a direct hit to SpikerMan’s abdomen. His armor crumpled, and SpikerMan screamed as he flew backwards about 50 yards. He was now half way between the Spikon army and Omni.

The Spikons watched as the fear started to become real. They knew Doragon was strong, and they believed he was the strongest of all the Spikons, but SpikerMan was also very strong, and to see him be knocked down with one punch was a reality check.

Raven stood with his arms crossed as he didn’t show emotion and simply watched SpikerMan struggle to hurt Omni. He turned to his right a little as he saw Kelvar and noticed he was trembling slightly. Kelvar had mentioned to them his encounter with Omni and how he had nightmares now and then about his encounter, and Kelvar’s trembling confirmed to Raven that Kelvar was telling the truth. He had experienced Omni’s terror first hand and went back to watching SpikerMan stand on his feet.

“You’re even weaker than the old man.” Omni laughed as he walked towards SpikerMan. “Will you not fight me Raven? Will you not save your son at least?”

“Hey, I’m not done yet you big red ogre!” SpikerMan shouted to Omni.

“You’re boring me little green imp.  I will say to you what I said to the old fart. Use your most powerful attack, or I will stomp out your existence too.” Omni continued to walk and each step was like a small earthquake.

SpikerMan stood firm as he bravely decided to try again. He was focused on what Omni’s next move would be, and he didn’t notice the footsteps behind him until they were beside him.

Scerpinder stood on SpikerMan’s right, cracking his knuckles and taking a fighting stance. Boomer stood on SpikerMan’s left and he too had his fighting stance ready.

“Don’t argue. Even you must realize this guy’s too much for one person.” Scerpinder spoke.
“If one Spikon can’t take him down, then we will have to rely on teamwork.” Boomer spoke. Sara stood behind SpikerMan and put her hand on his back. She used her powers to heal SpikerMan’s light wounds.
“I will support you, Spike.” She spoke.

Raven and Kelvar still stood next to each other. Raven could tell that Kelvar was anxious; he had watched the group he had come to know as friends stand together. It wasn’t until Sara walked forward that he tired to grab her arm to stop her, but he missed.

“Aren’t you going to join them?”
“Raven…we should retreat. Even if we worked together…we can’t. He’s a monster.”
“Hmm. Well it seems if you don’t fight there’s a greater chance you’ll get killed.”
“I’m serious.” Kelvar put his hands on Raven’s shoulders to look him in the eyes.

“Raven. Can you defeat him?”
“It’s difficult to say. I’m going to assume that I can’t.”
“Why are you letting this play out?! We have to stop them before he kills them all!!” Kelvar pleaded to Raven. Raven responded by smacking Kelvar’s arms away from him.

“You remember when we went to your planet to retrieve that sword? Why don’t you try that on him?”
“The sword of Kasuto?”
“I’d be a shame if we went all that way for you to not even try it.”

SpikerMan lead the charge against Omni; he dashed head on and Scerpinder and Boomer approached either side of him to try and surround him.

“He tried to stop me from stabbing his eyes! That’s his weak point!” SpikerMan shouted as Boomer equipped his spiked boomerangs and shot them from his arms at Omni’s head. Omni simply moved his head back to avoid the boomerangs and grabbed SpikerMan by his neck to stop his assault. Scerpinder pulled out his two guns and fired continually at Omni while circle strafing around him counter-clockwise.

Omni raised his foot and stomped on the ground so hard that a it reshaped the flat sand surface and huge amounts of rock and rubble hit Scerpinder from below him. Scerpinder was thrown off balance and Boomer appeared to Omni’s left. Omni tossed SpikerMan directly at Boomer and they collided with such force that he broke the sound barrier and Boomer was down. The two of them tumbled uncontrollably until they eventually stopped. While Scerpinder was still unbalanced, Omni grabbed his cape and swung him a few times in the air and slamed him into the ground. A large crater erupted with a huge explosion of sand. Scerpinder was also done as he couldn’t even move.

Omni cracked his neck to the left and laughed gently at his own strength.

“I forgot how much fun it is being as strong as I am.” Omni grabbed Scerpinder’s cape again and dragged him out of the crater and tossed him in front of Raven about 50 yards away.

The only one standing close to Omni was Sara, and she bravely decided to try a different tactic against him. She disappeared and reappeared on Omni’s back and she put her hands between Omni’s head. She created a purple bubble around Omni’s head and he was confused for a moment, but the bubble had no effect, and Omni simply wrapped his right fingers around Sara’s waist. Sara tried to break free of Omni’s grip, but his finger strength was unmatched.

“Raven! Behold your brave little children! Your weaklings! Will you not even try to save one of them? Will you stand there while I squeeze this girl in half?!”

Omni’s fingers tightened and Sara started to feel like she was being crushed, she let out small gasps of pain but Omni stopped when he saw Kelvar was no longer standing next to Raven.

Omni looked down and Kelvar was in front of him. He was sweating a little as he was trying to be brave, but he had no confidence as he spoke to Omni.

“Let go of her.” He said in half confidence, but his voice revealed that he was very scared.

“Ha ha ha ha! You again? Kelvar right? I remember sparing you a while back. I spared you because you had the stupidity to try to snipe me all by yourself. Look at you! You’re about to pee yourself.”

Kelvar tried to hide his trembling, but the more he tried to hide it, the worse it became.

“You want me to let go of this girl? I’ll tell you what. If you can pry my fingers open, then she’s all yours.”

“Kelvar, it’s ok, just stall him until Spike gets back up.” Sara said to Kelvar. Kelvar’s eyebrows twitched as he felt dejected that Sara didn’t seem to believe that he could save her, he had feelings for Sara, but they haven’t known each other for very long, he thought this could be his heroic moment, but he shook his head as he thought this wasn’t the time. He was sure that they were all about to be killed. He gulped and reached for the Sword of Kasuto at his left hip. He clapsed his hand around the hilt with his right hand and drew the sword like a knight. When the sword was free of the sheathe he placed his left hand under his right hand and held the sword with both hands.

“What’s that? A toothpick? You think you can cut me with something like that? Heh heh heh. Fine. I’ll play along. Try and cut me.” Omni spoke confidently.

The Sword of Kasuto was a gold sword from the tip to the hilt. It was a sword that him and a small group of Spikons went to find when Kelvar mentioned it about a week ago. When they arrived at the top of the mountain, SpikerMan, Scerpinder, Boomer, and Kelvar all tried to pull the sword out of the inmovable mountain, but only Raven could free it. According to the legends that Kelvar had heard, this sword was able to cut through anything, even gods. Raven gave the sword to Kelvar since swordplay wasn’t Raven’s style.

Kelvar felt better when he held the sword; he closed his eyes and tried to calm down. He inhaled and exhaled deeply as all the sounds around him died. He could only hear his breathing and his heartbeat.

“Save her.” He heard in his head. He didn’t know where that voice came from; he thought it was his own voice, but it didn’t matter. Kelvar in a flash leaped at Omni and swung the sword at Omni’s right arm. Immediately Omni’s fingers opened and Sara fell out of Omni’s hand. Kelvar had enough time to catch her and she fell into his arms like a princess.

Omni stood still and was confused by why his hand opened. He slowly looked at his right hand and tried to move his fingers, but they wouldn’t move, and he tried to move his hand, but it also wouldn’t move, then he tried to move his arm, but that was a mistake as the sword was successful at severing his arm. His decapitated right hand fell to the ground and Omni’s face, for the first time, was filled with surprise. His eyes were wide and huge as he continued to look where his hand use to be, and finally pain emerged with blood shooting out of his stump.


Kelvar jumped away from Omni with Sara still in his arms. Everyone looked in disbelief as Kelvar had done the impossible. No one had hurt him, or scratched or scathed him; no one had made Omni bleed even in the amount of a paper cut.

Omni grabbed his stump in pain and he fell to one-knee, as he had never felt pain like this before. Kelvar put Sara down as she was speechless along with everyone else. Kelvar broke the silence by speaking to Sara.

“Stay behind Raven.” He said to her.
Sara slowly walked backward as she looked at Kelvar from his back. Kelvar felt happiness for only a second, but he realized quickly that things were about to become worse as he had made a 12ft giant very angry.

Omni finally raised his head up toward Kelvar. His eyes were blood shot and his eyebrows were sharp. No one could make a more angry face as he stomped his feet toward Kelvar.

“Boy! You have no idea what you’ve just done!! I will destroy this planet!!” Omni raised his left fist and slammed it into the ground. He made a tidal wave of sand that threw everyone off balance, even his own men. The crashed ship next to them was send flying into the atmosphere into space.

Kelvar seemed to be in a zone as he tried to calm himself again as he did before.

“He’s blinded by anger. Finish him while he can’t see straight.” He heard the voice again. He recognized the voice this time. It was his own voice. It felt like the voice was coming from the sword. He looked at the blade for a moment and decided he would end this nightmare.

Omni had created a gigantic sand storm, but in the sand he could make out that Kelvar was moving quickly around him.

“Boy! Do not toy with me!!” He swung his left fist to try to backhand Kelvar but he missed. Kelvar swung at Omni and sliced his back.

“Oohhhh!” Omni fell forward slightly and he swung his left fist behind him causing a massive amount of air pressure. Kelvar took advantage of Omni’s arm being horizontal and he cut off his left arm at the elbow.

“AAAGH! YOU!!” Omni tried to round house kick Kelvar, but Kelvar dodged the kick that missed his head by a few inches, and he held the sword to his right side and swung it from the right to the left and the blade entered Omni’s body. The sword stopped half way through Omni’s waist.

“Ooouuuh!” Omni let out another scream. He looked down and saw that the sword had sliced half his waist. Kelvar tried then to cut him all the way in half and Omni used his remaining stumps to try to stop him. Kelvar dodged each attempt but after the 5th swing of Omni’s stump he landed a blow to Kelvar’s side. The impact hurt Kelvar, but it wasn’t nearly as powerful as he had severely weakened Omni. Kelvar continued to push his sword and he was making progress as he cut through Omni’s spine. At this point Omni could no longer feel things and he shook uncontrollably, but he supernaturally had the strength to speak his final words:

“Only the bare fists of my opponent can kill me.”

Kelvar let out a powerful shout and succeeded in slicing Omni in half. The sand had cleared immediately and everyone watched Omni’s last moments as his upper half flew high into the air and his lower half fell backwards onto the sand.

Kelvar stood still as Omni’s upper half finally hit the ground, and he held the sword tightly in a pose with his knees bent and his sword held to the left.

There were no words. No one moved for about a minute as Kelvar was shaking and he finally let go of the sword and he fell on his hands and knees. He couldn’t keep his balance as he started to fall over, but Sara ran up to him and held him in her arms to keep him from falling.

“Kelvar!” She let out as she embraced him. He was still shaking, but his trembling slowy disappeared as Sara held him.

“Kelvar…You’re ok. You won. He’s gone.” She spoke softly to him.

Kelvar didn’t respond as he tried to look up. He had literally conquered his demons and he was able to stand on his feet. He picked up the sword and slowly turned to the Kromasome army behind him.

“It’s not over yet.” He said reluctantly. He tried to take a step but he felt like his body locked up, but that one step was enough to scare an entire army.

“Retreat!” Lord Kromasome commanded. The entire Kromasome army fled in fear, as they knew they couldn’t deal with anyone who could take down Omni.

Kelvar and Sara watched as the armies continued to run until they were out of sight.

Kelvar let out a sigh and sheathed the gold sword and he tried to walk again, but his steps were clumbsy and he took his time while Sara supported him.

“Kelvar are you ok?”
“Yeah, I just need a few minutes I guess.”

Kelvar decided to sit down to try to calm himself. He looked over to the severed parts of Omni and looked away with his eyes closed.

“I don’t want to see him ever again.”

Sara stood close to Kelvar and they looked up to see the Spikons approaching the battlefield.

SpikerMan walked up to Sara and tried to pull her away from Kelvar as he had a jealous look. He didn’t say anything and crossed his arms as he felt Kelvar had stolen a victory that should have belonged to him. Scerpinder walked up to Omni’s upper half and started to poke his body with his finger.

“What are you doing?”
“Making sure he’s dead. You ever seen horror movies? This would be the perfect time for a jump scare. Like right now!” Scerpinder responded to Boomer, but there was no jump scare moment.

“Huh. I guess he’s super dead then.” Scerpinder looked to Kelvar and pointed his finger. “I have to say I take back all that stuff I said about your people’s legends being stupid. I believe in it now. There’s not another mythical sword on your planet somewhere is there?”

“Oh stop it. I think it’s obvious to everyone here that he only won because of that sword. It had nothing to do with his own power.” SpikerMan interjected. Boomer raised his eyebrows as if to say ‘are you kidding?’

“I don’t care how he did it. He saved me. If he hadn’t of had that sword we’d all be in a lot of trouble. How were you planning to save me?” Sara retorted to SpikerMan.

“I would have found a way.”
“By the time you’d have ‘found a way’ she would have been dead.” Raven walked up to the group with his hands behind his back.

“Oh hey, glad you decided to not do anything.” Scerpinder greeted Raven.
“Kelvar. Congratulations. I’m proud of you. You’re the hero that defeated Omni. Whether any of you like it or not, he did more than any of us could. Sword or no sword; show him the respect he deserves.” Raven spoke and his words made Kelvar smile. SpikerMan walked away in disgust and jealousy.

“Listen up, all of you, Kelvar has taken away one of the greatest threats to this war, but it’s not over. Lord Kromasome will now take command. We still have a war to win, so let’s go back to base and we will go from there.”  Raven reached out his hand to Kelvar who was still sitting down. Kelvar reached out his hand, but he passed out from his exhaustion.

“Kelvar!” Sara tried to pick him up.
“He’s alright. He just passed out. Scerpinder, pick him up.”
“Alright alright.” Scerpinder responded to Raven.

Scerpinder picked up Kelvar and carried him over his right shoulder, he started to walk back to the base but he stopped to look at Raven.

“Just so we’re clear. You could have defeated Omni right?” Scerpinder asked.
“No. I could not.” Raven answered his question, which left the rest of them speechless.

Everyone returned to the mother ship with wounds physical and emotional. Doragon was gone; everyone in Raven’s unit was bruised and sore, they all were resting, as the day was difficult for all of them. Raven sat in his father’s room, as he needed time with his thoughts. A group of Spikons had brought Omni’s remains back with them for examination. They placed all four of his pieces in the lab at the bottom of the mother ship.

Boomer was in the throne room as Raven walked up to the master chair and he only stared at the chair for a few minutes. It was his father’s chair, the one where Doragon gave commands, and he wondered if he should now sit in the same chair since he was now in command. Raven looked to his right at Boomer and finally responded to Boomer calling his name for the fourth time.

“What is it Boomer.”
“I wanted to talk to you about what you said earlier.”
“Really? And what did I say earlier.”
“You said you couldn’t have defeated Omni. I know that isn’t true.”
“And how do you know that?” Raven asked as he slowly walked up to his father’s chair and touched the right armrest with his left hand.

“I’ve analyzed your battle data. While Omni was fighting I analyzed his and compared them. My conclusion is you would have been equal.”

Raven shook his head at Boomer’s words and he looked down.

“Tell me something Boomer, have you ever seen me do the things he did? He sent a giant crashed ship into orbit. Every step he took shook the ground. How can you conclude I was a match for him?”

“I’ve studied your fights and I know you’ve never used over 30% of your power.” Boomer answered him confidently.

Raven scratched his face as he listened to Boomer explain.

“Why didn’t you kill him?”
“It seems I can’t fool you, however just because our power was close doesn’t mean I would have won. He would have resorted to using you as hostages, and I would have lost.” Raven explained himself. Boomer nodded his head as he thought about Raven’s words.

“Boomer. I’m going back to our homeworld. I must report to the king that Omni is dead.”

“You’re going now? What if the Kromasomes attack? What would we do?!”

“They won’t attack, they’re too afraid now that we killed their most powerful player, and if they do just tell Kelvar to hold his sword at them. They’ll run like the cowards they are.”

Raven walked past Boomer to his personal ship and put his left hand on Boomer’s left shoulder.

“Let’s keep what we discussed a secret. I’ll tell everyone else I’m leaving. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Raven walked past Boomer and Boomer watched him leave and Raven announced over his intercom that he was leaving to the entire mother ship.

Kelvar started to wake up as he was laying down on one of the stretcher beds in the medical section of the ship. He jerked his body for a second and raised his hands close to his face on impulse as he wasn’t fully aware of his situation, but he quickly took a second to look around and he realized he had passed out and was brought to the medical room again.

“Hey there boy band.” Scerpinder greeted him with his arms crossed.
“How long was I out?” Kelvar asked as he grunted to sit up in the bed.
“About four hours.  You remember what happened?”
“Mostly.” Kelvar held the back of his head with his left hand.

“You cut up Omni like a professional chef slicing vegetables in mid air. It was quite a beautiful sight if I say so myself.”

“Where’s Raven?” Kelvar asked as he stood up and made his way to exit the medical room and into the mother ship’s hallway.

“He left to brag on your victory to the king.”

Kelvar stopped to look at Scerpinder and he gave a half smirk and continued to walk into the hallway.

Scerpinder watched Kelvar leave and Kelvar walked down the hallway and he eventually came to the room opening to the cafeteria. In the cafeteria there were many Spikons chattering and eating supper, but the room became dead silent when Kelvar walked into the room.

“Um.” Kelvar spoke as looked behind him as he was confused by the silence. There was clapping from one Spikon that he couldn’t see followed by the entire room clapping and the Spikons walking up to Kelvar to reach out to him.

When Kelvar arrived he was treated as an outcast since he was not a Spikon and the only one in the group that wasn’t a Spikon. After many missions with Raven’s unit it didn’t matter how much work he did or how amazing his victories were before. His successes were treated poorly, and his mistakes were treated worse than they actually were. This was the first time that it felt like he was given credit for anything. He couldn’t help but smile, as he felt good that he was finally given positive feedback and he held up his arms humbly with his hands open and he genuinely was happy by the response.

The celebration lasted a good while, but it died down and when Kelvar went to the kitchen to eat supper, the cooks gave him more food than they usually would, and he tried to be modest as he knew he couldn’t eat so much chicken that was put on the tray, but they refused to take it back so Kelvar took a seat on the bench and he didn’t get any peace as more Spikons sat around him and all of them wanted to talk to him. Kelvar enjoyed himself, as he hadn’t had so much attention before. He ate his food, and as he went back to the room he shared with others and to go to his bunk bed, he saw Boomer in the hallway.

“Hey Boomer.” Kelvar greeted.
“Hey, there he is, how are you sword man?”
“I’m feeling pretty good actually. Hey have you seen Sara?”
“I think she’s in the morgue downstairs. She’s been doing autopsy…or extraction of Omni’s body.”

Kelvar looked surprised as he didn’t know Omni’s remains were brought back with them.

“His remains are here?!”
“Yeah. Raven wanted to see if he could learn anything about his species, like the physiology or whatever it was that made him special.”

“…Thanks. I’ll go check on her.”
Kelvar walked past Boomer as Boomer turned and watched him walk down the hallway.
“Check on her? You make it sound like his dead body is dangerous. She’s been down there a long time. He can’t hurt anyone now.”
“I know, but I just want to talk to her.”

Kelvar walked down the stairs and he had to duck down as the stairway felt cramped. He walked down a small set of stairs to his left and he saw Sara examining Omni’s remains with small robots.

“Sara?” Kelvar asked for her. She turned and gave a smile as she walked away from the table and met Kelvar at the stairs.

“Hey. How do you feel? Let me look at you.” Sara put her right hand up to Kelvar’s forehead and brushed back his hair to look at his head. Kelvar moved his head away to his right to try to stop her.

“I’m fine. I just wanted to see you before I went to bed.”
“Oh. I’m uh. Ok. I actually was hoping you’d be up soon. I wanted to thank you for saving me.”
“Huh? Oh. Yeah well I was just trying to get him to let go of you.”

Sara smiled at Kelvar’s words and she pat him on the shoulder and walked back to the table where Omni’s body was laying. Kelvar smirked with the right side of his mouth as he felt like he should have said something better. The way she walked away just felt sad as he was still in the friend zone.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you woke up, but I was doing some tests on his remains. I’ve actually found some interesting results. The way his body was built is fascinating and-“ Sara started to explain, but she realized Kelvar was uncomfortable around Omni, even if he wasn’t alive anymore.

“Oh. I’m sorry. I got carried away.”
“No it’s ok. I uh. I was just...wondering what Raven wanted to do after the tests.”
“I’m not really sure. He wanted me to collect as much information as I could.”
“I’d like to talk to him when he gets back. I personally want him to burn his remains. I don’t know how much say I have in the matter, but that’s just my opinion.”

Sara tilted her head in confusion as she asked him a question.

“Kelvar is everything ok? I mean I know fighting him wasn’t easy for you, but the way you speak…you make it sound like his body is dangerous.”

“I don’t know. I just have this weird feeling about him. He was a monster, and the way I cut him up almost felt too easy.”

Sara smiled and she walked back over to Kelvar and put her hands on his shoulders.

“I think you’re not giving yourself enough credit. I don’t care what methods you used, like a sword, a gun, whatever, you were terrific today, and I think you should be more happy.”

“I suppose. I feel like defeating him was clearly the hardest thing I’ve done in my life.”

Sara smiled and looked down to her right and then back up to Kelvar’s eyes.

“You know I was thinking about talking to my father and I wanted to suggest that he holds a celebration in honor of your victory. What do you think?”

“Oh I don’t know about-“ Kelvar spoke, but he stopped as he looked behind Sara at Omni’s body. He noticed a shadowy figure was emerging from Omni’s dead body. It was thin, and it still had the appearance of Omni, like a puppet, with glowing red eyes and it’s arms and legs were un-naturally long and it’s right hand was reaching for both of them.


Kelvar grabbed Sara and jumped backwards up the small stairs as he held her with his left arm around her waist and he augmented his pistol in his right hand and fired several shots at the figure. Sara had no idea what was happening but she shrieked at the appearance of this Omni puppet and ran up the stairs with Kelvar shortly behind her. She made her way down the hall and quickly smashed the intruder alarm button next to one of the doors in the hallways. The mother ship was engulfed in an alarm and was very loud so it notified everyone of the threat. Kelvar pulled out his other gun and fired both his pistols at the puppet, but the shots went right through him. The puppet grabbed Kelvar with it’s long fingers of it’s left hand and pulled him close to it’s face.

“Kelvar!!” Sara screamed as its body started to fill the entire hallway. Kelvar was brought close to the creature’s two red eyes and both of them were horrified as the puppet spoke to them.

“I told you. You cannot kill me.”

Kelvar’s eyes were huge as its voice was clearly Omni’s low bellowing voice. The puppet threw Kelvar down the hallway and he crashed and slid across the wall hard.  

He tried to get up, but his head hit the wall so hard that he lost consciousness in a few seconds.
This is a continuation of a story I wrote a while back.

Read this part first to get some context:…

I wanted to continue this part since I left it on a cliffhanger so long ago. It demonstrates the true horror that is Omni.

Hope you enjoy.
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